Advancing moms into economic independence through education.

"I am single mom, who doesn't have a lot of immediate family. Both my parents are deceased, so I don't have grandparents to help me. My child's father lives in a different state, so he is not able to assist me with child relies on me and the gracious help of Sitters Without Borders who assist me with childcare, so that I can live my dream of completing my BS."

-Zahirah T.

SWOB mother (2nd semester)

"I will be able to complete my associates degree in May of 2015 and I could not have done it without Sitters Without Borders."


-Single mom

SWOB mother (3rd semester)

The Lives We Impact

Sitters Without Borders (SWOB) 's mission is to advance mothers into economic independence through education,  by providing volunteer babysitters. We aim to help parents gain an education and ultimately, economic independence.

SWOB is a 501(c)3 organization. 



  • Over 40% of America's single mothers live in poverty. Most of these mothers have low-education, with more than half holding only a high school degree or less (2012).
  • Massachusetts ranks among top 5 states with female-headed low-income households. Boston has the highest concentration of the state's poor female-headed families.
  • More than 80% of the city’s families living in poverty are dependent on the woman’s income.
  • The average annual expense of full-time infant childcare in Massachusetts is the highest in the nation at $15 per hour and $16,430 per year.