Advancing moms into economic independence through education.

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Volunteer Babysitter = awesome experience.

Babysitting at Sitters Without Borders is very fun. You will develop a meaningful relationship with both, the mom and the child.

Whether you want to help a student parent succeed in college by watching their child while they run to class, or you would like to get involved in community service, Sitters Without Borders welcomes enthusiastic Bostonians to apply to volunteer!

To apply for a Volunteer Babysitter position, you must:

  1. be 18+ years old
  2. have graduated high school

Please fill out the Volunteer Sitter Application to begin!

You get to help a mom break out of her cycle of poverty and become economically independent. And you do it all by playing for a few hours a week!

The bond you form with the child is something that will be remembered for the rest of their life. And the education that the mom gains while you babysit her child, will also be something that  lasts forever.

There are 72 moms in Boston Area, waiting to be matched with a Sitter like you.

And we're not even advertising to recruit. them.

Become  a  Volunteer  Sitter

What if every time you babysit,

a low-income mom is able

to go to her college class?

Get ready to play with a child
while giving their mom the
opportunity to go to college.