All figures are discounted at a 15% discount rate based on a conservative estimate of social benefits produced by non-profit investments. The discount rate is reflective of the cost of the funds or the expected return from an alternative investment. The following are several assumptions we made to project our Total Social Purpose Value over 18 years:

Assumption 1

The incremental income for SWOB mothers is calculated as the NPV of the total of median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary of female workers age 25 and older by educational attainment  in 2014 in the US (incremental income between high school graduates with no college vs. associate degree and bachelors degree.

Assumption 2

The cost savings to government and the society is calculated as the NPV of the total of Massachusetts Transitional Aid to families with dependent children (TAFDC) at $418 per month and Massachusetts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at $189 per month.

Assumption 3

SWOB’s operating expenses is made up of salaries and minor overheads. Number of staff is projected to increase with client base with a maximum staff:family ratio of 1:100 and varying part time and full time staff capacity.