Interview with Rosa

Rosa and children

Rosa works as an Office Manager at the Massachusetts Association of Community Development and when she's not hard at work, she is pursuing an accelerated program at Endicott College, finishing up her sophomore year.  She is working to earn her Bachelors degree in Business Administration/Business Management! Rosa and her two children, Aiyana and Ethan, live in Jamaica Plain. The lovely children love to play pretend and freeze dance,  play dough, and watch PBS kids and YouTube videos. The Nin family also has a fourth family member, their cute cat!


1) What led you to reach out for our services?

My mother watches my kids while I go to school in the evenings, but because she watches my son during the day, it's taxing on her to watch both of them in the evenings as well.


2) What are SWOB services enabling you to do?

SWOB allows me to go to school in the evening with a peace of mind!


3) How are the SWOB babysitting sessions working out for you and your family?

SWOB sessions have been great. My children LOVE their sitter Brianne, she's engaging and knows how to work with children. 


4) What are your educational and career goals?

I hope to earn my bachelors degree and pursue a career that will give my family financial freedom.


5) How is your relationship with your sitter?

My relationship with Brianne is great, she's really nice and thoughtful!


6) How are the kids liking their time with their sitter?

My kids love spending time with Brianne, they wish they could see her all week! When they had the choice to go to the movies or stay with Brianne, they chose Brianne with no hesitation!


7) If you could reach out to SWOB’s donors directly, what would you say to them?

SWOB is a wonderful program with concrete life changing results. It's been amazing for my entire family. You can help them make a difference!