Don't take our word for it! Hear their experience:

Anonymous mother

"I am a single mom, who doesn't have that many immediate family members. Both my parents are deceased, so I don't have grandparents to help me. My child's father lives in a different state, so he is not able to assist me with childcare... my child relies on me and the help of SWOB sitters who assist me with childcare, so that I can live my dream of completing my Bachelors Degree."

Jessica, Sitter

"Through volunteering as an ESL teacher for immigrants, I noticed that the students who stopped coming to class were the ones with kids at home. I really want to help people who are up against a lot but are motivated and determined to improve their lives and just need a little help getting there. SWOB lets me do exactly that."

anonymous mother

"I was able to complete my Associates Degree in May 2015 and I could not have done it without SWOB!"

BrEANNE, Sitter

"The kids came up with some very clever games and were able to clean up after each one. Making progress to learn how to take turns, like each of them picking out a book for story time at bedtime and saying "excuse me" if they need to interrupt."

Rosa, MoTHER

"My kids love the sitter, especially my daughter. They were excited to tell me all the games they played. My daughter said: I love her - she's so much fun, kind, and creative!"

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Anonymous Sitter

"I hope to experience the joy that comes from re-experiencing first joys through the eyes of a child. My professional focus is on children and families, so this would be an opportunity for me to grow. If I can do that while allowing women to pursue higher education, that's a worthwhile use of my time."